Tree Crop Systems Research & Development (ATCS)


African Tree Crop Systems Program (ATCS)

Theme: Soil Health for Improved Livelihoods
Start Date: 2021
End Date: 2024

Project Lead

African Plant Nutrition Institute


National Agricultural Research Systems
Tree crop producers’ networks
Private sector 

Target Cropping Systems

Olives and Date Palm – North Africa
Climate Adaptation Catalysts including Argan and Carob – North Africa
Cocoa – West Africa
Coffee – East Africa

Short Description

This initiative is implementing research to clarify how good agricultural management, and in particular crop nutrition, can support the ability of smallholders to create value and realize environmental benefits from tree crop systems. Tree crops are noteworthy in their contribution to the economic growth in Africa through key ecosystem services of food, feed, fuel woods, and fiber production, and through their contribution to the security of African communities. Satisfying the growing demand for tree crop commodities without compromising the environment, requires solutions for sustainable nutrient management.