Resilient Agriculture for African Drylands (RAFAD)


Resilient Agriculture for African Dryland (RAFAD)

Theme: Climate & Weather Smart Plant Nutrition
Start Date: 2022
Category: Initiative
End Date: -

Project Lead

African Plant Nutrition Institute


Ministries of Agriculture
National Agricultural Research Systems
Agricultural Industry
International Organizations

Target Cropping Systems

Dryland Tree Systems (Olive, Date Palm, Argan)
Cereals and Legumes

Short Description

RAFAD is a new initiative exploring viable solutions to the main challenges of African dryland agriculture using adapted plant nutrient management strategies. This initiative strives for inclusive partnerships equipped to develop evidence-based nutrient management solutions that produce tangible improvements in the livelihood of farmers in dryland areas.

Priority activities include interventions for narrower yield gaps, improved water and nutrient use efficiencies, increased agricultural biodiversity best suited for a changing climate, and stronger capacity for research and innovation in dryland systems.

Opportunities exist for synergy by developing new actionable research concepts aligned within our strategic R&D themes, initiatives, and projects. Short-term priorities are for the North Africa region. RAFAD supports national agricultural countries strategies such the “Green Generation Plan” in Morocco.