Sustainability Initiative

Aerials of Lewa Conservancy showing fence line of protected areas and encroaching farming in Kenya, Africa

Sustainability Initiative

Theme: Soil Health for Improved Livelihoods
Start Date: 2021
End Date: -


African Plant Nutrition Institute


Cross-country stakeholder partners

Target Cropping Systems

Maize – Kenya
Cacao – Ghana
Olive – Morocco

Short Description

Sustainable agriculture is a key component of the SDGs and thus it is critical to develop methods to assess the performance of our agricultural systems. With the mission to enhance plant nutrition for a resilient and food-secure Africa, APNI’s research and development strategy can contribute to addressing Africa’s challenge to produce more affordable and nutritious food with adequate inputs with minimum environmental load.

Given that more than 65% of Africa’s soils are degraded, including nutrient depletion, APNI’s research promote transformative improvements in food production to meet the increasing demands of a growing population. This is done by promoting plant nutrition solutions that enhance agricultural sustainability in the context of a changing climate, emerging technologies, and socio-economic pressures in Africa. Thus, we are developing a framework that enables assessing, monitoring, and evaluating progress of the different APNI programs towards sustainability. We will develop measurable and robust performance indicators around the three pillars of sustainability: Economic, Social and Environment at different spatial and temporal scales.

Examples of Potential Candidates for Indicators of Sustainability for African Agricultural Systems