Growing Africa Issue Dedicated to African Union Summit on Fertilizer and Soil Health

New Growing Africa Special Issue Dedicated to the Upcoming African Summit on Fertilizer and Soil Health

The African Plant Nutrition Institute has released its latest issue of “Growing Africa”, its semi-annual publication providing actionable scientific information on plant nutrition for Africa.

This latest issue is dedicated to the upcoming African Union (AU) Summit on Fertilizer and Soil Health for Africa – a highly anticipated meeting that seeks to bring together high-level stakeholders to reach an agreement on a 10-year action plan for sustainable productivity growth in African agriculture.

Contributions to this special issue of Growing Africa come from leading research, development, and extension scientists who set the stage ahead of the summit through their timely reviews of the pertinent issues related to the engagement and support of improved fertilizer use targeting healthy, resilient, and productive soils in Africa.

Inside the issue, readers are stepped through the specific impacts of the global fertilizer crisis in Africa and the necessary coping strategies, solutions to engaging national R&D and extension systems, and key management strategies needed to overcome the current soil health challenges.

The special issue can be found at the publication’s website