Aziza Tangi

Doctoral Student
Ms. Tangi's doctoral studies involve research on the empowerment and inclusion of women in olive smallholder value chains in Morocco as part of APNI's Resilient Agriculture for African Drylands (RAFAD) Initiative.
  • LOCATION: UM6P, Benguérir, Morocco

Aziza Tangi is an agricultural engineer at the UM6P and a Ph.D. student collaborating with the African Plant Nutrition Institute. Her research project is centered around enhancing opportunities for women’s inclusion in the smallholders’ Olive Value Chain in Morocco.

Aziza holds Engineering Diploma in Agronomy from the Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II of Rabat. In 2015, she attained a State Engineer diploma in Agronomy, specializing in Seeds and Plant Production Engineering. Her passion for the field has driven her to consistently seek further knowledge and expertise in agriculture.

With a solid foundation of experience, Aziza is determined to pursue higher education and invest in her research. Her goal is to contribute to the design of socio-technical innovations that promote a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient Africa.

Since February 2019, Aziza has been employed as an agronomist at the Agricultural Innovation and Technology Transfer Center of the Mohamed VI Polytechnic University. This role has provided her with the opportunity to engage in various agricultural activities, such as the implementation of new technologies for rehabilitating mining sites, species conservation, landscape design, plant propagation, and the establishment of experimental farms.

Her previous accomplishments include the establishment of an educational farm in the city of Dakhla and her contributions to the magazine “La Voix de la Chambre d’Agriculture,” which have significantly contributed to her skill set and understanding of the agricultural domain.

Aziza’s past experience also extends to her work at the Zetta Engineering Office, where she was involved in projects related to water drilling, green spaces, and environmental impact studies. This diverse background has enriched her practical knowledge and perspectives.

Aziza’s unwavering scientific curiosity fuels her desire to continue her research endeavors. Her ultimate aim is to promote gender equality and empower women in Africa to address the challenges affecting global food security.