Built Specifically for Africa

Built Specifically for Africa

APNI is founded as an autonomous organization with core competence in crop nutrition. APNI will address both process and applied research on plant nutrients in important crops and production systems.

Its core mission is to promote evidence-based practices.  Outreach programs will demonstrate scalable impacts on crop productivity, farm profitability, and environmental sustainability towards the broader goal of food and nutrition security.

APNI will set its own research and development agenda, recruit appropriate staff, support doctoral students, and host post-doctoral scholars and scientists to fulfill its mandate. It will seek funds from a variety of partners and external agencies with similar development goals.

Being located on the new campus of UM6P offers tremendous opportunities for collaboration.  The APNI scientists have been welcomed as associate faculty and have opportunities for teaching graduate students and for hosting post-doctoral researchers and scientists. APNI is already assisting UM6P in teaching a variety of subjects, including a new program on using precision agriculture tools at appropriate scale. These education programs are expected to become digitally available at some point in the future in order to reach institutions where nutrient management capacity is underdeveloped.