Trialing Novel Phosphorus Fertilizers in Africa (Novel P)

Omission Nutrient trials in Senegal

Trialing Novel Phosphorus Fertilizers in Africa (Novel P)

Theme: Precision Nutrient Mananagement
Start Date: 2023
End Date: 2024


This multi-country project is being implemented through a system of on-farm trials designed to evaluate specialized P fertilizer products and formulations. The specific project outcomes of the are to: create scientific evidence of the efficiency of new specialized P fertilizer formulations, develop a framework for reducing adoption risks of fertilizer use by farmers, and facilitate completion of regulatory and efficacy processes. APNI will support this process through mobilization of internal and external specialist knowledge required to ensure the successful implementation of the planned trials, and the attainment of project outcomes.

Project target countries include:

Specific Objective 1: Ghana, Kenya, Ivory Coast
Specific Objectives 2 and 3: Tanzania
Specific Objective 4: Guinea Conakry, DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Gambia, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Togo, Mauritania, Angola, Sudan, Sierra Leone.

Key Stakeholders

National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS)

Target Geography

Sub-Saharan Africa

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