Timely Farm Forum Emphasizes Best Nutrient Management for Morocco’s Cereals

Timely Farm Forum Emphasizes Best Nutrient Management Practices for Morocco’s Cereal Crops

Farmers gathered recently in Souk Sebt, Morocco (Province of Fquih Bensaleh) to attend an educational field day event focused on implementing best nutrient management practices for cereal crop production.

The November 15 event was held in collaboration with the Al Moutmir Initiative (UM6P), and attracted more than 70 farmers from the provinces of Fquih Ben Salh, Beni Mellal and Azilal. Honoured guests included Dr. Kaushik Majumdar, Director General of APNI, Mr. Nawfel Roudies, Director of Al Moutmir-UM6P, Dr. Mohamed El Gharous, Director of the Agricultural Innovation and Technology Transfer Center (AITTC-UM6P), and Mr. Abdellah Bni Oukil, Head of Regional Agricultural Development (CDA) Souk Sebt.

Entrance to farmer field day venue.

In his opening words, Dr. Kaushik Majumdar welcomed all the participants, and he highlighted the collaborative efforts between APNI and Al Moutmir, which have done much to spearhead the development of best crop management practices in the region. Dr. Majumdar stressed the especially important need for increased adoption of improved nutrient management in Morocco’s cereal crops.

(Left to right): Dr. Hakim Boulal, Mr. Abdellah Bni Oukil, Dr. Nawfel Roudies, Dr. Kaushik Majumdar, Dr. Mohamed El Gharous.

“Nutrient management should be considered a key, if not the most important, way forward for improving cereal production in Morocco. Our research clearly demonstrates the productivity, quality, and profitability gains available to farmers, as well as opportunities for cropping system resilience and national food security as these practices scale up.” – Dr. Kaushik Majumdar.

The field day began with presentation by APNI and the Al Moutmir Initiative which were followed by a series of presentations covering key considerations for best nutrient management practice implementation and balanced use of fertilizers in Morocco’s cereal crops. Dr. Hakim Boulal, APNI Senior Scientist, and Mr. Mohamed Boutfirass, APNI Consultant, led training, distributed a series of nutrient management factsheets, and responded to farmers questions and comments.

Dr. Hakim Boulal, Senior Scientist at APNI

Mohamed Boutfriass, APNI Agronomic Consultant

A view of the farmer field participants.

At the event’s closing, farmers acknowledged their appreciation for such trainings held in advance of the cereal cropping season. In addition to creating a farmer-centric forum where knowledge can be shared between farmers, these field days provide a timely opportunity to access to the latest targeted agronomic information needed to enhance on-farm decision-making on improved nutrient management practices in cereal production.