Frontiers of Potassium Conference – 2017

Frontiers of Potassium Science Conference

January 25-27, 2017

T.S. Murrell and R.L. Mikkelsen (Eds.). Frontiers of Potassium Science. Rome, Italy. 25-27 Jan. 2017.

International Plant Nutrition Institute, Peachtree Corners, GA, USA.

Committee of the International Plant Nutrition Institute:

Co-Chairs: Rob Mikkelsen and T. Scott Murrell

Members: Kaushik Majumdar, Terry Roberts, Phyllis Pates, Shea Shirley, Luis Prochnow, Paul Fixen, Cindy Smith

Proceedings for the Frontiers of Potassium Science Conference

January 25-27, 2017

T.S. Murrell and R.L. Mikkelsen (Eds.). Frontiers of Potassium Science. Rome, Italy. 25-27 Jan. 2017.

International Plant Nutrition Institute, Peachtree Corners, GA, USA.

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O1 Potassium and Human Health 

Michael S. Stone* and Connie M. Weaver.

O11 What Can Long-Term Experiments Teach Us about Potassium Management?

Keith W.T. Goulding*, A. Edward Johnston, and Antonio P. Mallarino 

O19 How Do Potassium Inputs and Outputs Compare for Different Cropping Systems and Geopolitical Boundaries?

Kaushik Majumdar,* T. Scott Murrell, Shamie Zingore, Ping He, Luis Prochnow, Fernando Garcia, Sudarshan Dutta and Eros Francisco



O33 Potassium Removal and Use in Australia.

R. Norton*



O45 The Global Potassium Market: Reserves, Supply, Demand, and Trade.

Mike Rahm*

O46 The Genetics of Potassium Uptake and Utilization in Plants. 

Philip J. White* and Michael J. Bell

O66 Differential Potassium-use Efficiency in Crops and Genotypes.

Zed Rengel* and Ivica Djalovic

O74 Stress Mitigating Effects of Potassium in Crop Plants.

Ismail Cakmak*

O76 Restricted CO2 Diffusion through the Leaf Mesophyll and not Stomatal Regulation Limits Photosynthesis in K Deficient Crop Plants.

Balint Jakli*, Merle Trankner, Ershad Tavakol and Klaus Dittert

O77 Crop Stress Determines Response of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) to Potassium Fertiliser in a Mediterranean Climate.

R.W. Bell* and Qifu Ma

O78 Elevated Potassium Fertilization Improves Wheat Growth and Yield under Salt
Stress.Abdul Wakeel*, Mehreen Gul and Diedrich Steffens
O88 Enhancement of Germination by Application of Potassium to Tomato Seeds Grown in High Salinity Media.

A.M. Al-Moshileh*, M.I. Motawei and M.F. Alsaber

O89 Soil Shear Stability at the Microscale as Affected by Long-term Potassium Fertilization.

P. Heibach*, D. Holthusen and R. Horn

O103 Selecting the Proper Source of Potassium Fertilizer.

R.L. Mikkelsen* and T.L. Roberts

O110 Selecting the Right Source of Potassium for Fertigation.

Munir Jamil Rusan*

O118 Differences in Crop Growth and Productivity Relating to the Potassium Source used in Fertigation.

Steven Oosthuyse*

O120 Potassium Sulfate as a Key to Crop Quality.

Andreas Gransee*, Sofía Teresa Cañás, Heike Thiel and Elisabeth Morgen

O136 A Novel Potassium Fertilizer Derived from K-Feldspar.

Davide Ciceri*, Marcelo A. de Oliveira, Antoine Allanore

O137 How can Resins be Utilized to Improve K Rate Recommendations.

Heitor Cantarella*, Luís Ignácio Prochnow, José Antonio Quaggio and Bernardo van Raij

O148 Rates and Residual Effect of Potassium Fertilization in a Brazilian Oxisol.

Eros Artur Bohac Francisco, Luis Ignacio Prochnow* and Claudinei Kappes

O158 Can Cycling of Potassium from Crops and other Organic Residues be Integrated into Potassium Rate Recommendations?

Ciro A. Rosolem*, A.P. Mallarino and Thiago A.R. Nogueira

O166 Potassium Losses and Transfers in Agricultural and Livestock Systems.

Marta Alfaro*, Ciro Rosolem, Keith Goulding, Johnny Johnston and Huoyan Wang

O174 How Closely is Potassium Mass Balance Related to Soil Test Changes?

D.W. Franzen*, K. Goulding, A.P. Mallarino, and M. Bell

O189 How Do Mineralogy and Soil Chemistry Impact How Closely Potassium Soil Test Changes Are Related To Mass Balance? 

Michel D. Ransom*, Angela Florence, Michael Thompson and Randal Southard

O197 Does Potassium Balance Explain the Change in Mehlich-3 Extractable Potassium in Arkansas Soils?

Nathan A. Slaton*, Richard, J. Norman, Trenton L. Roberts, and Jarrod T. Hardke

O209 4R Rate: Improving the Accuracy of Potassium Rate Recommendations.

Ivanova, S.*, Romanenkov, V., Nikitina, L.

O226 How can Factors Influencing Soil Potassium Acquisition by Crop Roots be used to Improve Potassium Rate Recommendations?

John L. Kovar*

O239 Improving Potassium Rate Recommendations by Recognizing Soil Potassium Pools with Dissimilar Bioavailability.

Michael J Bell*, Philip Moody, Michael Thompson, Christopher Guppy, Antonio
P Mallarino, Keith Goulding

O249 A New Chemical Grading System for Plant-Available Potassium in Soils.

Huoyan Wang*, Ting Li, Xiaoqin Chen and Jianmin Zhou

O262 Observational Data Analysis of Soil Fertility and Leaf Analysis on Maize Grain Yield in the Central United States.

Robert O. Miller*, Tim Smith, Betsy Bower, and Craig Struve

O270 How can Potassium be Managed to Improve the Synchrony of Soil Supply and Plant Demand?

V.K. Singh*, B.S. Dwivedi, S.S. Rathore, T. Satya Narayana and K. Majumdar

O277 Soil Characteristics and Cultural Practices that Influence Potassium Recovery Efficiency and Placement Decisions.

Michael J Bell*, Antonio P Mallarino, Philip Moody, Michael Thompson and Scott Murrell

O289 Root Traits and Rhizosphere Characteristics Determining Potassium Acquisition from Soils.

Philippe Hinsinger,* Michael Bell, Philip J. White

O300 Potassium Placement Considerations for Plant Nutrient Balance Optimization in Modern Maize Hybrids.

Tony Vyn

O301 Cereal and Legume Crop Responses to Deep-placed K with and without P in NE Australian Vertosols.

David W. Lester*, Michael J. Bell, Douglas J. Sands and Timothy B. Weaver

O309 Nutrient Expert® – A Nutrient Management Decision Support Tool for Soil Health Management and Environmental Sustenance. 

Sudarshan Kumar Dutta*, T. Satyanarayana, and Kaushik Majumdar

O314 Frontier Science to Practice: The Role of Precision Ag.

Steve Phillips*

O315 Socio-economic Characteristics and Resource Endowment of Smallholder Farmers Governs Potassium Fertilizer Use and Yield Variability in Telangana, India.

T. Satyanarayana*, A. Madhavi, T. Prabhakar Reddy, G. Kiran Reddy, G. Manjulatha, Pavan C. Reddy, S. K. Dutta and Kaushik Majumdar

O323 Improving the Accuracy of Potassium Recommendations.

Sylvie Brouder*, Jeff Volenec, T. Scott Murrel

O324 Connecting Frontier Science to Frontier Practice: How do we Increase the Impact of Scientific Findings on Soil and Crop Management of Potassium in the Field?

P.E. Fixen,* T.S. Murrell, T. Oberthür and S.B. Phillips

O333 Impact of K on Input Use Efficiencies: Nitrogen and Water.

Philip White and Jeff Volenec*

O334 Suitable Sources of Potassium Fertilizer for Fertigation of Northern Highbush Blueberry.

David R. Bryla

O335 Impact of Long Term Nutrient Management on Dynamics of Potassium in 40 Years Old Soybean-wheat System on Alfisols of Ranchi.

Prabha Susan Philip, Muneshwar Singh, R.H. Wanjari and Sanjay Srivastava

O336 There is an Urgent Need to Include Potassium in the Fertilizer Program of Ethiopia to Enhance and Sustain Crop Production Enhance and Sustain Crop Production.

Wassie H Woldeyohannes

O337 Effect of Potassium Sulfate on Water Deficit Tolerance in Some Crops.

Mehrdad Yarnia and Saman Khosravi Far



P1 Response of Fine Roots to Potassium and Throughfall Exclusion in a Eucalyptus Grandis Plantation in a Tropical Region

Veronica Asensio, Bruno Bordron, Jean-Paul Laclau, Jean-Pierre Bouillet, Yann Nouvello, Lionel Jordan-Meille and Cassio Abreu-Junior*

P2 Wood Ash Application: Effects on Nutrient Uptake of Maize and Lima Bean in an Intercrop

Rasheedat Ajala* and Adeyemi M. Awodun

P3 Response of Transgenic Cotton to Potassium, Right Rate and Right Time of Application

Y.R. Aladakatti*, G.S. Deepa, Shruti M. Yogikoppa D.P. Biradar, T. Satyanarayana, K. Majumdar, R.A Nandagavi, S.B. Manjunath and D. Shivmurthy

P4 Efficiency of Potassic Fertilization with KCl Coated by Humic Acids

Danilo Almeida*

P5 Potassium Rates and Timing Influence Phenology, Growth and Yield of Maize (Zea mays) with and without Cattle Dung Application under Moisture Stress

Dr. Amanullah* and Asif Iqbal

P6 Potassium Management for Improving Productivity of Winter and Summer Oil-seed Crops under Semiarid Conditions

Dr. Amanullah*

P7 Combined Effects of Elevated Carbon Dioxide, Potassium Deficiency and Terminal Drought on Grain Yield and Quality of Bread Wheat

Muhammad Asif*, Cevza Esin Tunc, Ozlem Yilmaz and Levent Ozturk

P8 Studies on Nutrient Expert® Based Nutrient Management Under Zero Tillage and Conventional Tillage

Mahua Banerjee*, Debtanu Maiti and Sudarshan Dutta

P12 Effect of Potassium Rich Sea Weed Extracts on Performance of Potato in the Red and Lateritic Soil of West Bengal

G.C.Malik, Mahua Banerjee*, Dipanjan Das, Debtanu Maiti

P13 Assessment of Potassium Deficiencies in Agricultural Systems in Uruguay

M.M. Barbazán*, M. Bordoli, A. del Pino, M. Ferrando, O. Ernst, E. Hoffman, S. Mazzilli, L. Rocha, F.O. García

P19 Alternative Source of Potassium Fertilization in Bean Crops

Hudson Carvalho Bianchini*, Douglas José Marques and Cristiani Pereira Vieira

P20 Potassium Solubilization in Phonolite Rock by Diazotrophic Bacteria

Ligiane Aparecida Florentino, Cássia Cristina Bachião Miranda, Hudson Carvalho Bianchini*, Douglas José Marques

P21 Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilizer Sources in Wheat Crop

Hudson Carvalho Bianchini*, Douglas José Marques and Ana Claudia Siqueira Simões

P22 Phonolite Rock Fertilization as an Alternative Source of Potassium in Sorghum Crop

Hudson Carvalho Bianchini*, Douglas José Marques and Cristiani Pereira Vieira

P23 Recalibration of Soil Potassium Test for Corn in North Dakota, U.S.A. and Effect of Sampling Time

John S. Breker* and David W. Franzen

P35 Potassium Management Strategies for Higher Productivity of Rice (Oriza sativa L.)

G. K. Girijesh*, Shivanand Patil, M. Basavaraj and Dananjay

P37 Potassium Management in an Alfisol under a Long Term Fertilizer Experiment in Finger Millet–Maize Cropping System

R.C. Gowda*, D.C. Hanumanthappa, P. Veeranagappa and Muneshwar Singh

P38 Fertilizer-dependent Efficiency of Mesorhizobium for Improving Growth, Potassium Uptake and Yield of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Imen Hemissi*, Dorsaf Hlel, Neila Abdi, Amira Hachana, Bouaziz Sifi

P39 The Effect of Potassium Fertilization on Mineral Absorption and Yield of Durum Wheat on Sub-humid and Semi-arid Bioclimatic Stages of Tunisia

Dorsaf Hlel*, Wael Toukebri, Wissaf Khemiri, Oussama Kheriji

P40 Potassium – Silicon Interaction under Drought Condition

Seyed Abdollah Hosseini* and Jean Claude Yvin

P41 Silent Decline in Soil Potassium May Influence Sustainable Production of Alfalfa

M. Anowarul Islam*

P45 Influence of Potassium Supply Different Sources on the Pectin Concentration and Pectin Yield of Gooseberry (Ribes grassularia L.)

Janos Katai* and Imre Vago

P46 Influence of Potassium Levels on Yield and Yield Qualities of Lentil in Sinai

E.A. Khattab*

P54 Yield and Quality of Cabbage (Brassica oleracea) Influenced by Potassium Nutrition in Eastern Region of India

Rakesh Kumar*, Nishant Kumar Sinha, S. Karmakar, D.K Sahi, Asis Minz, Neeraj Kumar Awasthi and S. Dutta

P55 Potassium Increases Tolerance of Wheat to Frost

Qifu Ma* and R.W. Bell

P56 Role of Potassium in Potato

M. Banerjee, Subhaprada Dash and G.C.Malik*

P64 Proline Concentration in Leaves of Eggplants Grown on Salinity Conditions

Douglas José Marques* and Hudson Carvalho Bianchin

P65 Sources and Doses of Potassium on the Production of Root in Eggplants

Douglas José Marques*, Hudson Carvalho Bianchin, and Diogo Elias Batista

P66 Effect of Potassium Sources on the Antioxidant Activity of Eggplant

Douglas José Marques*, Hudson Carvalho Bianchin and e Diogo Elias Batista

P67 Potato Yield and Dry Matter Response to Different Sources of Potassium Fertilizer in England

Timothy D. Lewis, Kiran Pavuluri and Robert Meakin*

P68 Evaluation of POLY4 (Polyhalite) as a Fertilizer in Comparison to Sulphate of Potash for Tobacco

Tank Li, Kiran Pavuluri and Robert Meakin*

P69 Evaluation of Polyhalite in Comparison to Muriate of Potash for Corn Grain Yield in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania

Zacharia Malley, Kiran Pavuluri, Mohamadi K Mzimbiri, Timothy D Lewis, Robert Meakin*

P82 Potassium Deficiency Symptoms of Important Horticultural Crops

Dharma Pitchay and Robert Mikkelsen*

P84 Comparative Study of Potassium and Nitrogen Fertilization on Yield and Utilization Efficiency of Phosphorus and Potassium by Wheat Efficiency of Phosphorus and Potassium by Wheat

Ibrahim S. M. Mosaad*

P96 Use of P Industry Waste as Slow Release Organic Potassium Silicate Fertilizer to Sustain Wheat Crop Production under Salt Stress Environment

Noor U. Sabah and A. Rai Mukaram*

P97 Enhanced the Pigeonpea Productivity through K-Foliar Nutrition Spry with Agronomic Techniques

N. Rajesh*

P98 Potassium Omission Effects for Main Crops in Bulgaria

Margarita Nikolova*, Thomas Popp and Paul E. Fixen

P108 Deep Banding P Improves Access to K in Central Queensland Cropping Systems

M. Bell, D. Sands, D. Lester and R. Norton*

P116 Potential Saving of Potassium Requirement on Oil Palm Planted Over Marine Alluvial Soil

Abdullah Abdul Rahman* and Shaharudin Baka

P121 Sub-surface Drip Fertigation Proved to be the Right Method of K Application in Sugarcane

Mahesh Rajendran*, Talatam Satyanarayana and H.A. Archana

P122 Status of Potassium in Intensively Cultivated Soils of Kathmandu Valley

Sabina Devkota*

P123 Potassium Application for Enhanced Growth and Fe-Zn use Efficiency of Salt-resistant and Sensitive Maize Genotypes in Response to Salinity

Munaza Batool, Muhammad Saqib*, Muhammad A. Haq, Javaid Akhtar and Ghulam Murtaza

P124 Adequate Boron Nutrition is Required for Improved Root Uptake and Shoot Accumulation of Potassium in Crop Plants

Yasemin Ceylan Sen* and Ismail Cakmak

P125 Response of Cotton Genotypes Differing in Potassium-use-efficiency to Organic Potassium Fertilizer Developed from Fruit and Vegetable Waste Material

Zia-ul-hassan Shah* and Azeem Khalid

P137 Potassium Fixation in Some Calcareous Soils of Iran

Karim Shahbazi* and Hassan Towfigh

P147 Potassium Application is the Most Effective Countermeasure to Reduce Radioactive Cs Uptake by Plant

Takuro Shinano*

P148 The Role of Potassium for the Remediation of Radioactive Cesium Contaminated Agricultural Land – Fate Aftermath in Fukushima

Tetsuya Eguchi, Takuro Shinano*

P152 Regional Investigation of Soil Potassium Variability, a Study Case in Switzerland

Guillaume Blanchet, Zamir Libohova, Stephane Joost and Sokrat Sinaj*

P153 Response to Potassium Fertilization in Hybrid Rice-Maize Cropping System in Calcareous Soil of Eastern India

Shiveshwar Pratap Singh*, M. P. Singh, S. Jha, S. S. Prasad, S. K. Chaudhary, Sudarshan Dutta, Kaushik Majumdar, V. Shahi and T. Satyanarayana

P162 Potassium and Phosphorus Fertilization in a Long-term Rice and Soybean Rotation

Gene Stevens*

P169 The Effects of Potassium Deficiency and Osmotic Stress on the ROS-antioxidant Balance and Whole Genome Transcriptional Response of Barley

Ershad Tavakol*

P170 Available Potassium in Arable Soils in Mazandaran and its Relationship with soil texture and Rainfall

Mohammad Mehdi Tehrani*

P181 Comparative Study on Proteome Changes in Response to Potassium Deficiency and Drought in Triticum aestivum Roots

Merle Tränkner*, Mehmet Senbayram, Bálint Jákli, Sara Halicki, Klaus Dittert, Christian Zörb

P182 Changes in Root Morphological Parameters in Response to Varied Potassium Supply

Cevza Esin Tunc*, Muhammad Asif, Ismail Cakmak, Levent Ozturk

P183 Effect of Different Potassium Management Practices on Growth, Yield and Economics of Maize (Zea mays L.)

M.Y. Ullasa*, G.K. Girijesh, K.M. Dinesh

P184 Effect of Potassium Fertilization on the Yield and Thousand Berry Mass of Gooseberry (Ribes grassularia L.)

Imre Vago* and Janos Katai

P185 Silt as K Source for Crops in Tropical Soils

M. Volf*, M.V. Benites, A.C. Rosolem, A.C. Crusciol, F.M. Moraes, F.J. Menezes and C.A. Silva

P194 Productivity of Aerobic Rice Growth System can be Enhanced by Potassium Fertilization

Abdul Wakeel*, Muhummad U. Mubarak, Hafeez Ur Rehman, Abid I Dar, and Muhammad Farooq

P195 Potassium Use Efficiency of Cotton as Affected by Application Methods

Muhammad Tariq, Dil Baugh Muhammad, Muhammad Naveed Afzal, Muhammad Ahmed, Abdul Wakeel* and Muhammad Ayaz Khan

P201 Effects of Biochar Application on Soil Potassium Dynamics and Crop Responses in Two Contrasting Soils

Fang Chen and Li Wang*

P202 Impact of Potassium on the Abundance and Distribution of Antioxidants in Tomato Fruits

Frederike Wenig*, Bashar Daoud, Elke Pawelzik, Inga Smit

P203 Comparison of Ammonium Lactate Extraction and Electroultrafiltration Data for Avaiable Potassium on Different Soil Types

Vladimir Zebec*, Domagoj Rastija, Zdenko Lončarić, Brigita Popović, Vladimir Ivezić, Krunoslav Karalić